A Fresh Approach to Music Lessons


CHMA is the greatest place in the western suburbs to take lessons! The teachers make learning an instrument fun! - Amanda W.

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"I never thought I would LOVE music lessons this much."


A Fresh Approach To Music Lessons

Clarendon Hills Music Academy provides a unique and creative approach to private music lessons. CHMA understands that you can't simply offer a passive information-exchange. An extraordinary lesson must be a creative experience. Too often, a traditional approach to teaching can result in a bland and boring experience that leaves most students feeling empty and uninspired. This is the reason the music lesson industry has suffered declining interest rates over time. Just check out the google trend chart below.
RESIZED-Copy of Copy of Summer camp ad 2 (1)1As the graph illustrates above, the music instruction industry is falling short when it comes to generating interest. The numbers don't lie. People in general, are looking for alternate ways to express themselves. The traditional everyday lesson is not inspiring on a high level.

This is why Clarendon Hills Music Academy has made it our mission to radically enhance the music lesson experience. We do this by focusing on the each student's musical passion while diving into the creative elements of music most traditional providers ignore. It is our responsibility to discover what drives each student to "want" to master their instrument so they can develop a love for music that can last a life time.