Artist Development Programs

Much More Than a Music Lesson



Develop Your Sound...Record Your Music...Build Your Audience!

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"The CHMA professional artist development program is just what I needed! I knew music lessons were not going to be enough. I needed a program that was geared towards developing my recording and music career goals." - Rita N.

What does the the professional artist development program offers

Who Is This Program For? The professional program is for the serious artists that want to take their musical endeavors to the next level.

  • Record your own music in a professional and comfortable recording studio.

  • Produce your own original music that highlights your musical abilities.

  • Develop a genuine image and brand that expresses your personality.

  • Spark interest by creating unique and memorable renditions of cover songs relevant to your musical brand.

  • Develop a clean website and other social platforms focused on marketing your music, building your audience and potentially monetizing your music.


(Just For Fun)

Develop Your Sound...Record Your Music...Create a Musical Outlet

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"CHMA Artist development is awesome! It took me a while to find a studio that gets it. Thankfully I found CHMA" - Matt R.

Look at what the Artist Development - Just For Fun program offers

Who Is This Program For? The Recording Artist Development Program: Just for Fun is similar to the professional program in many ways. The main difference is we are not focused on building an audience and sharing your music with the masses. This is for the casual music lover that wants a creative outlet, without the pressure of sharing it with the world.

  • Experience what it is like to create your own music in a professional and comfortable recording studio setting.

  • Develop a healthy creative outlet by writing your own original music.

  • Learn to arrange and produce recordings that sound incredible.

  • Express yourself by creating unique and memorable renditions of the cover songs you love.


Previous Formal Training NOT required

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"The instructors at CHMA are really encouraging and helpful, especially when it comes to songwriting. I bring an idea and they teach me how to write better by helping me develop it the way I want to learn to do on my own." - Robin O. (Hinsdale)

Look at what the Songwriting University program offers

  • Learn the art of creating your own melodies, chord progressions, and lyrics .

  • Record your songs so you can share them with your friends and family.

  • Express yourself through your creations. Writing your own songs is a creative & healthy way to escape.

  • Learn how to create multiple musical tracks that make your songs sound larger than life.


Previous Formal Music Training NOT required

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"CHMA actually cares about providing a high-end audio experience." - James B. (Chicago)

Create a professional recording and share it with your friends & fans!

  • We use state of the art software to record your project.

  • We have knowledgeable in-house producers to help you create a professional sound for your project.

  • We can help you find and/or create custom music tracks under your vocal tracks for covers or originals.

  • We can also incorporate education into the mix! We believe you should have the option to learn how to improve your own playing and production skills while recording your project. (Optional)